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Slip-In Mats

Easily Slide Photos Into Premade Mats

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Framing an image can be a really easy job to properly mess up. Even the slightest inaccuracy or crooked lining could lead to a painstaking restart.Well, we're not all framing experts, and that's okay! For those of us that want an easier option for beautifully framing our artwork or photos, here's where the search ends. Our slip-in mats make it easier than ever to make your artwork look amazing. The process is as simple as inserting your artwork into the open end of the mat in between the backing board and the cover material, and that's all! Once your picture looks level and even, then you close the mat and you're all set. No tape or adhesives are required to keep your artwork in place. This minimizes the risk of snagging or tearing as you replace your images or move them around over the years. Mats come in either white or black and all feature a white-colored core.

All image slip-in mats are available for wholesale prices and sold in bulk quantities so you can get the most bang for your buck. Impress your friends, family, or customers with this unique and easy way to mount your images with the quality presentation of an expert framing job.

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