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Decorative Mats by Crescent

Decorative MatDecorative Mat


These beautiful Crescent Select decorative mats offer an elegant option for adding bold colors to your framing. Our Crescent select decorative mats are designed specifically to house and maintain the condition of your fine art prints, photographs, or valuable documents while adding extra decorative features. Available in two unique styles, our Crescent Select decorative mats come in single and double mat designs. The single mat design features a single solid color, boldly displayed in a thick border around your work. Single mats come in white, black, and cream tones.

The double mat Crescent Select decorative mats present the option to add a slight bit of color to your framing. With a broader outside border, a second mat reveals a slight hint of color along the edges of your frame.

  • Sold in 10 packs
  • Available in over 15 color options
  • Buffered-pH neutral
  • Archival Acid Free
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Wide Selection of Size and Colors of Decorative Mats for Photos and Arts

These Crescent Select decorative photo mats provide a perfect balance between affordability and quality, making them an ideal choice for those looking to add a touch of style to their framing projects. With their thick border and bright colors, our double mat for photos is sure to help you make the most out of your photos or artwork! Shop with ClearBags today and find the perfect mats for photos for all your projects!

  • Overall, Mat Size: 12" x 16"
  • Thickness/Gauge: 3 Ply / 4 Ply
  • Reveal Width: 3/16"
  • Finish Type: Uncut, Bevel Cut with Deckled Edge.
  • Product Applications: Ready-made frames, shadow boxes, wall display art, and framing projects.
  • Recycle Code: PAP/PPB Paper

So, what are you waiting for? Shop now and find the perfect decorative mats by Crescent Select today! With their affordable pricing and quality construction, you won’t be disappointed. Shop ClearBags today!

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