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Crescent Select Conservation Matboard


If you're looking for the right materials to get a serious job done, then you've come to the right place. Our Crescent Select conservation mats are the highest quality archival grade mats that we have in our inventory. These mounts are precut to give your framed image a clean and symmetrical border. Crescent select conservation mats were designed specifically to house and maintain the condition of your fine art prints, photographs, or valuable documents. Our mats were produced using only 100% virgin alpha-cellulose fibers for enhanced longevity and quality protection, offering optimum fade and bleed resistance. Among all of our styles, we also make sure that all mats are cut to a 45-degree bevel, keeping consistency between multiple frames and styles.

Crescent Select Conservation Mats come in multiple variations of black, white, and cream tones. Some mats feature a two-tone design, marking a contrast between light and dark to give your artwork a creative and attention-grabbing display. All mats are sold in packs of 25 pieces and available at wholesale prices.

  • Acid and lignin free
  • .050 thickness, standard 4-ply
  • Manufactured with 100% virgin alpha-cellulose fibers
  • Bleed and fade resistance

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Crescent Select Conservation Mats Ideal for Prints, Photographs, or Valuable Documents

Whether you want to frame a valuable document or your prized art piece, Crescent Select Conservation Mats are the perfect choice for maximum preservation. Get your artwork looking like a professional framing job without breaking the bank! Choose from our selection of black, white, and cream tones with two-tone designs to give your artwork an eye-catching look. Get the benefit of acid and lignin free protection, superior surface bleed and fade resistance, plus optical brighteners specifically designed for digital imaging. Our conservation mat comes in packs of 25 pieces with wholesale prices so you can get the job done without breaking the bank. Get your Crescent Select Conservation Mat Board today!

  • Mfg. Process: Layered, Four-ply construction
  • Optical Brighteners: Yes
  • Acid and Lignin Free: Yes
  • UV Protection Available: No
  • Board Thickness: .050 in. (1.2 mm)
  • Level Cut: 45° bevel cut edge
  • Recycle Code: PAP/PPB Paper

If you're looking for a professional framing solution that doesn't break the bank, Crescent Select Conservation Mats from ClearBags are a great choice! Buy your Crescent Select Conservation Mats today!