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Bainbridge Acid Free Foam Board

Foam BoardFoam Board

Foam backing boards are a softer and plusher alternative to our other mats and backing boards. Our foam backing boards come in multiple styles, all designed by Bainbridge®, a professional imaging and framing company. Four styles are available for our foam backing boards, they include:

  • Self Adhesive - Comes with a large adhesive backing that covers one whole side
  • Artcare Archival - Made without harmful chemicals so that your sensitive artwork will stay preserved
  • Clay Coated - Made with a sturdy and lightweight structure that is resistant to dents
  • Black Foam - Black foam board that's resistant to bowing and warping

Each style of foam backing board has its own unique advantages, and we've made sure to provide a wide variety to suit the needs of any imaging project you're working on. The foam material used in these backing boards is sturdy and resistant to bowing or warping. With a cushioned and durable to support, you'll have no reason to fear any damages coming to your artwork, photography, or creative work. Put your work on display as is on the foam backing, or go with a more protective approach and frame it as well, either way, you'll add an easily recognizable style commanding of respect.

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Great Way to Display your Artwork and Photos using Foam Backing Board

Crescent/Bainbridge Foam Backing Board is a great way to display your creative work and photos with stunning results! With the perfect combination of lightweight yet sturdy construction, clean cut edges, and an ultra-smooth surface – this black backing board offers the perfect backing for all your projects! Whether you're framing prints for the boardroom, creating a chic gallery wall of family photos, or mounting school projects - Foam Board from ClearBags is your go-to solution. Shop today for great deals on foam backing board and black backing board for prints! Get top quality at an unbeatable price!

  • 3/16” thick foam board
  • +/- 1/16” sizing
  • Ivory clay coated foam board (white) only available in 13' X 19" size
  • Iridescent black foam board only available in 13" X 19" size
  • Both styles of foam board are non-archival, and not acid-free
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive on one side for easy mounting.
  • Peel and stick cold mounting solution for artwork or photos.

Enjoy free shipping on orders over $99. Differentiate yourself by using Crescent/Bainbridge Foam Board for all your projects! Shop now at ClearBags for unbeatable prices on foam, clay coated, black and white backing boards for prints. Bring life to your work with professional-looking results! Start creating today!