Mats & Backing Accessories

Mats and Backing Accessories FAQs

  • What do you use to mount photos?

    ClearBags offers Crystal Clear Photo Mounts as well as Acid Free Mounting Squares.

  • What is varnish spray for?

    Varnish sprays are the final step for dried artworks. It’s used to protect the finished piece from dirt and grease build up as well as preserving it throughout time.

  • Is it better to spray varnish or brush varnish?

    Spray or brush varnish is personal preference. Spray varnish tends to give a thinner, finer finish if applied correctly. Brush varnish can be thickly applied, but also has the potential to leave brush marks.

Find All the Mats and Backing Accessories for Protection and Display Packaging

Elevate your art presentation and preservation with our comprehensive range of Mats and Backing Accessories. Designed to enhance your cherished creations' longevity and visual appeal, this collection encompasses protective sleeves for cards, canvas gallery wraps, and an array of top-quality mounting materials. Our protective card sleeves provide a defense shield, keeping your valuable cards safe from fingerprints, dust, and environmental elements. Crafted from durable materials, these sleeves are precision-engineered to ensure a snug fit without compromising clarity, allowing your cards to shine through while maintaining their pristine condition.
Our canvas gallery wraps offer a seamless blend of elegance and durability for those seeking to transform their artwork into timeless masterpieces. These wraps provide a stunning three-dimensional effect, enhancing the depth and texture of your art. To ensure a seamless and secure display of your artwork, our selection of mounting materials encompasses a diverse range of options. From acid-free foam boards to precision-cut mats, each item is engineered to provide reliable support and protection, allowing your art to shine in any setting.

  • Ships and store flat
  • Quick and simple assembly
  • Recycle Code: 5 PP
  • Closure Type: Protective Closure
  • Material: OPP/CPP
  • USPS approved
  • Crystal Clear BOPP material
  • Archival Safe

Explore our Mats & Backing Accessories category and discover the perfect companions to showcase and safeguard your artistic endeavors. Elevate your presentation to new heights and let your creations leave a lasting impression on admirers and collectors alike.

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