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Pre-Cut Mats, Backing Boards, & Show Kits

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ClearBags® has wholesale pre-cut mats for all different photos sizes from top brands like Crescent. We can also create custom mats to help you with your framing needs, so no matter the size of photo or art, we can find a mat to fit your needs.

We also carry backing board, foam board, mounting accessories and more – many of which are archival quality for long term display and storage.

We carefully choose high-quality materials designed to protect, store, and of course, display your work. That’s why ClearBags is proud to offer custom mats and quality backing board that can help you with your framing, storage, and other art needs.

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Mats and Backing FAQs

  • What do mats do in frames?

    Mats enhance and accentuate the artwork in your frame. They can add depth and draw the viewer's eye directly to the artwork. They also protect the artwork from touching the glass.

  • What can I use as a mat in a frame?

    Mat board is the best material to use in a frame. This is a flat piece of material that surrounds the artwork within the frame.

  • What is frame backing?

    Frame backing refers to the supportive material placed behind a framed artwork or photograph. It serves to provide structural stability, protect the artwork from damage, securely mount it within the frame, and enhance the overall presentation.

  • What is the best backing for frames?

    Frame backing materials range from acid-free foam board to archival paper, ensuring the longevity and preservation of the framed piece.

  • How big should a mat be for a frame?

    The mat will need to fit the frame size and have an opening sized for the artwork.

Wide Variety of Sizes and Styles of Mats and Backing to Create a Professional Look

Order your matting and backing supplies from ClearBags today – you won't find better prices anywhere else online! Our selection of mats, photo backing board, and mounting accessories will help take your displays to the next level. Professionalism and artistic expertise come together with our top-notch framing products – invest in your artwork today for a lifetime of enjoyment!  Stock up on all your photo mat, foam backing board, and backing supplies from ClearBags now. Shop now, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Crystal Clear Protective Closure Bags are acid free/archival with a protective closure
  • Pre-Cut Mats - Quality buffered - pH Neutral matting at an economical price
  • Backing or Foam Boards - Choose from ClearBags or Bainbridge® brands for everyday use to museum quality
  • Mounting accessories and Premium Papers are also available
  • Crescent pre-cut mats come in multiple sizes, colors, and styles

Start browsing now to find the right mats, backing boards, mounting accessories and more – just what you need to show off your work like a professional.  Get started on creating your own beautiful displays today! 

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