Macaron Packaging

Packaging macarons requires delicate care and attention to preserve their delicious flavor and appearance. The packaging selected for macarons must ensure that they remain well-protected from any factors that could compromise their delicate shells or fillings. That is where ClearBags comes in, we carry a full line of food safe packaging designed specifically for french macarons.


Crystal Clear Boxes for Macarons

Crystal Clear Boxes provide a 360° view of your macarons. ClearBags has a variety of boxes that can hold either 1 or 2 macarons for weddings, baby showers, parties, and more. These boxes are made from 12 mil PET food safe materials and provide ample protection and storage.

Top Selling Macaron Packaging

Gusset Bags

Value Boxes

Whether you are selling macarons by the dozen or making them for party favors, the way you present your macarons is very important. We have traditional packaging solutions for french macarons, but it is important to remember that you can always think outside of the box and package these yummy treats in fun and creative ways as well.

Gusset Bags: We carry a variety of gusset bags from crystal clear to iridescent that allow multiple macs to be packaged together. Gusset bags can be closed using a pre-tied bow, twine, or gift tag to complete the look. Did you know that we had Round Bottom Gusset Bags? Yes, these bags are great for stacking macarons to provide a colorful and unique display.

Value Boxes: A single custom macaron for a party or event makes a great favor. Our value boxes load from the top and are ideal for packaging a single macaron.