Stationery Packaging

High quality stationery and greeting card packaging

Stationery Industry

Stationery Packaging Features:

  • Crystal Clear Bags® and Card Jackets - Highest clarity bags that offer archival quality protection
  • Crystal Clear Boxes® and Paper Boxes - Great for protection, showcasing and retail display
  • Bio-compostable Eco Clear Bags - High clarity and eco-friendly
  • Premium Cards and Envelopes - Our most popular and affordable stationery line
  • Envelopes - Great range of sizes and styles

Stationery Reference Chart

Envelope Size Holds Protective Closure No Flap Flap Seal
A1 / 4 Bar 1 Set B3X5PC B3X5NF B3X5
A2 / 5.5 Bar 1 Set B54PC B54NF B54
A6 / 6 Bar 1 Set B65PC B65NF B65
A7 / Lee 1 Set B75PC B75NF B75
#10 1 Set B49PC B49NF B49

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Stationery Packaging 2019 Trade Shows
Visit us at one of these locations:

Show DatesShow DaysShow Name & LocationBooth #
Feb 3 - 6 Sun - Wed National Stationery Show, New York, NY 5435

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