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Our line of packaging for edibles is ideal for both the retail and medicinal environments at wholesale pricing, low minimums and fast shipping times.

  • child resistant locking pouches
  • child resistant single use bags
  • child resistant zipper pouches
  • Decorative Food Boxes
  • Smell Proof Hanging Bags
  • Smell Proof Pouches
  • Gusset Bags
  • Glassine Envelopes
  • Edible Food Bags
  • Edible Food Boxes
Packaging for Cannabis and Edibles

Packaging Options Include:

Decorative Food Box feature:

  • Food Safe material ideal for baked goods, candies and chocolates
  • 12 MIL material to help extend shelf life
  • High Clarity to showcase products
  • Large stock of various gusset bags in many styles for packaging snacks and gift sets

Smell Proof Hanging Bags feature:

  • Reclosable zipper for freshness
  • Food Safe material
  • Hang hole for retail environment

Smell Proof Pouches feature:

  • Reclosable zipper for freshness
  • Food Safe material
  • Unique self-supporting pouch design for retail environment

Bulk Food Gusset Bags feature:

  • Expanding gusset feature to package bulk snacks
  • Great for gift sets
  • Variety of sizes available for food of all sizes
  • Food Safe Material

Glassine Envelopes feature:

  • Wax paper-like finish for an upscale look
  • Ideal for single cookies, brownies and other treats
  • Food Safe material
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