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For your products to sell, they need to be displayed. While food packaging is important, many types of bags and packages currently available are only designed to hold products, not necessarily showcase them. But at ClearBags®, we have the solution – durable hanging zip bags perfect for your food products.

The Best Hanging Zip Top Bags

We have hanging zip top bags in all shapes and sizes, ranging from as small as 3 x 3 inches, to over a foot long and nearly a foot high. Our hanging food bags are designed to last.

Features and Options of Hanging Zip Top Bags

Our hanging zip top bags are also made with our Crystal Clear Clarity so that your treats will look delicious, and the zip closure is designed to be easy to use thoroughly closed. Our food safe hanging zip bags are a great choice for any chocolate, nut, or other type of food company that needs to display their products for all customers to see.

These are thick bags with as much as 3mil thickness – much more than your typical packaging bag – which means that it can withstand more friction and handling. It’s the perfect choice for food that is likely to be handled often, because the plastic will keep contents safe and fresh.

  • Made from durable plastic.
  • Formulated to maintain scent.
  • FDA approved for food storage.
  • Clear and Colored options available in multiple sizes

Buy Hanging Zip Top Bags Online with ClearBags

Whatever your reason happens to be for buying Mylar bags, ClearBags is here to help. We offer a wide selection of top-quality hanging zip top bags at only the best prices. Our bags store is the perfect place for all your hanging zip top bag needs, and we also provide speedy turnaround times and rapid deliveries, too.  Take a look at our inventory to see the sizes we have available, or call us at any time to ask questions about the items we have in stock.

Top Selling Hanging Zip Top Bags

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