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Hand Heat Sealer Guide: Which Settings to use on your Heat Sealer

Hand Sealer

Below are estimations for our Hand Sealer's temperature settings for the different styles of Decorative Food Bags we carry.

  • Standard Gusset Bag

    Standard Gusset Bag
    Setting: 3

  • Bottom Gusset Bag

    Bottom Gusset Bag
    Setting: 3

  • Flat Bottom Gusset Bag

    Flat Bottom Gusset Bag
    Setting: 2.5

  • Side Gusset Bag

    Side Gusset Bag
    Setting: 2 – 2.5

  • Heavy Duty Gusset Bag

    Heavy Duty Gusset Bag
    Setting: 3

  • Eco Clear Gusset Bag

    Eco Clear Gusset Bag
    Setting: 2

  • Zipper Pouch Gusset Bag

    Zipper Pouch Gusset Bag
    Setting: 3.5

  • Flat Crinkle Bag

    Flat Crinkle Bag
    Setting: 2

  • Flat Heat Seal Bag

    Flat Heat Seal Bag
    Setting: 2.5 – 3

  • Clear Cone Bag

    Clear Cone Bag
    Setting: 2

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