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Halloween Candy Packaging


Happy October! You’ve made it through the dog days of summer and now you can finally enjoy the beautiful transition from blasting the AC to loading up the fireplace. Autumn is a fantastic time of year with so much to offer, however, our minds are focused on one very special day in particular. There’s a reason people say “save the best for last” and October is a great example, we’re of course talking about Halloween! 


If you’re one of the lucky ones who collect pillow-sacks full of candy, then good for you and keep at it! If you’re everyone else, then you know it’s never too soon to start preparing. With over 27 years of Halloween experience under our belts, we’re confident that we will have whatever packaging tools you’ll need to make this Halloween the best yet. We offer bags and boxes made with food safe materials, self-sealing options, and colored as well as crystal clear plastic designs.


Bags for candy packaging


Our selection of candy packaging goes far beyond the standard zip lock bag. We offer hundreds of different shapes and styles of food safe packaging, including crystal clear plastic, colored plastic, and kraft paper materials. All of our food safe bags are available with either heat sealing, zipper locks, no flaps, or protective closure sealing. Some kraft bags come with a grease resistant inner coating that will keep your bag looking clean and fresh. 


An easy way to package candies and keep them tightly wrapped using Crystal Clear BagsⓇ is to incorporate twist ties and pre-tied bows. As a popular example, filling a cone shaped bag with a decorative twist tie on the top is a great look for showing off bright candies while keeping them together. 


If you’re looking for a different style to better fit your candies we also carry gusset bags and narrow tube bags, perfect for pretzel sticks, lollipops, marshmallows, and tons of other treats!


You can find our selection of food safe bags here.


Boxes for packaging candy


Most popularly used for pastries, cookies, chocolates, and soft candies, we provide food safe boxes that can fit many other kinds of treats. For more specific uses, we provide an array of boxes that are designed for particularly difficult treats to package otherwise. Some examples include artisan craft chocolates, candy apples, and child-proof packaging for the candies you want to keep for yourself. 


Artisan candy boxes come with precut squares on a flat grid to help keep your candies from bumping into each other, or with an open concept allowing them to move freely throughout the box. Candy apple boxes come with a cut out hole in the top to help keep your toppings in place and looking great.


For packaging larger items that require extra support, you can use our crystal clear handle or ornate boxes, fitting for pastries or large candies. Handle boxes are the perfect tools for providing a sturdy container to keep your candy’s shape, while ornate boxes add an extra touch of decorative fun to the structure of your box.


You can keep your candy packaging boxes more secure with the use of our clear tamper proof round stickers. Virtually unnoticeable, these stickers can help keep your box lid closed and keep your candies together.


You can find our selection of food safe boxes here.

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