Greeting Card Bags

Greeting cards and stationery come in a variety of sizes and can be difficult to find the ideal packaging solution that will fit your needs. Look no further than ClearBags! We carry a wide selection of over a hundred different sizes in multiple styles and designs that are bound to work for you. Flap seal bags, open ended bags, and even hanging bags are made here at ClearBags for your retail greeting card needs.

  • Flap Seal - Flap seal bags, otherwise known as flap tape bags, feature a resealable adhesive strip that lets you enclose your cards and ensure they are protected on shop shelves. 
  • Protective Closure - Protective closure bags are made with the same sentiment of flap seal bags, with a resealable adhesive strip to enclose your greeting cards, but the adhesive is strategically placed on the back of the bag instead of the flap to make resealing, loading and even reusing the bag so much simpler.
  • No Flap Bags - These no flap bags come open ended with no flap or adhesive. This makes for quick loading and packging while still providing exterior protection from dirt and fingerprints.
  • Hanging Bags - These bags share the same features as our flap seal bags, some sizes offered with a protective closure, but also include a convenient hang tab that allows your greeting cards to hang from display racks.

Packaging a specific stationery size and need help finding the perfect bag? See our full table for stationery sizes and their matching bag sizes here.

Best Selling Greeting Card Bags

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