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Barrier bags are some of our most popular items at ClearBags®. We offer smell proof barrier bags specifically made for food items, items with sharper edges, and items that need to stay away from moisture. Our barrier bags are made with some of the finest plastics, available at affordable prices and great for any industry that is in need of our specialty bags.

Pick Among the Best Food Safe Barrier Bags

ClearBags can be your No. 1 online shop for buying food safe barrier bags at the best prices. We offer a wide range of quality barrier bags and pouches for sale, with various sizes to choose from and different styles, including food safe barrier bags with clear windows and heat-sealable mylar bags, too.

Our barrier bags are exceptionally safe and strong, and it doesn't matter whether you're planning to store nuts, candies, vitamins, pet treats, or something totally different on the inside, these durable little pouches won't let you down.

Types of Food Safe Barrier Bags

Barrier bags are bags designed to protect their contents from moisture, dirt, and other contaminants. They are often made with heavy duty plastics, with puncture and smell proof properties. Some are designed for a specific industry while others are broad enough for mass appeal.

We offer several different types of barrier bags including, but not limited to:

  • Zip Top Bags - Our hanging zip top bags are also made with our Crystal Clear Clarity so that your treats will look delicious, and the zip closure is designed to be easy to use thoroughly closed. Our food safe hanging zip bags are a great choice for any chocolate, nut, or other type of food company that needs to display their products for all customers to see.
  • Heavy Duty Gusset Bags - Gusset bags are perfectly designed to hold food and treats. They are a type of bag that uses space very well, allowing you to fit a lot of your product in a small space. They are great for bulk food items, especially bulk nuts, candies, and snacks, and the perfect choice for your food or treat business.
  • Stand UP Pouches - Our stand-up pouches are some of the best barrier bags you can buy for a retail store or similar business. They feature strong barrier designs, zip closure seals, heat-sealable materials, and bottom gussets that allow them to stand up on shelves and tables.
  • Heat Seal Bags - Heat seal bags are made with a center seam for easy opening after being heat sealed closed. Heat sealing allows the food, snacks and candy to keep fresh for as long as possible. Consider these for your granola bars, trail mixes and spices!

Many of our barrier bags are made with our clear plastics to showcase the contents better, and all of them are available in a variety of sizes to ensure one is available that meets your needs. Check out our inventory below to see the barrier bags we have in stock, or contact us about some of our other bag options.

Most of our high barrier bags are made of PET/VMPET/LLDPE and are often referred to as "Mylar" bags; this collection includes Hanging Zip Bags, Stand Up Pouches, and Metallized Heat Seal Bags. These are food-safe and durable packaging solutions.

Buy Food Safe Barrier Bags here at ClearBags

Whatever your reason happens to be for buying barrier bags, ClearBags is here to help. We offer a wide selection of top-quality, food safe barrier bags at only the best prices. Our online bags store is the perfect place for all your bariier bag-related needs, and we also provide speedy turnaround times and rapid deliveries, too. Shop ClearBags today!

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