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Foil Bags - High Barrier Packaging

Foil Bag Packaging

Metallized bags, sometimes referred to as foil bags, are more than just bright and shiny packages. These metallic bags have strong barrier properties and lightweight, durable material in order to make these bags an attractive flexible packaging solution for a variety of applications.

At ClearBags, we carry foil bags for food, coffee, tea, powdered mixes, detergents, pharmaceuticals, and other adult use items. Whether you need a moisture barrier bag or a child resistant locking system, we offer many different styles to suit your packaging needs.

You may have heard the following terms used for foil packaging bags:

  • Metallized
  • Metallic Printed
  • Aluminum barrier bags
  • Foil pouches
  • Heat sealable food bags
  • Heat seal aluminum foil bags
  • Aluminum-lined

All of these ideas fall into the metallic foil bag category. When selecting a foil, you'll want to think about what you're packaging and the level of barrier protection you need. Flat heat sealable food bags and aluminum barrier coffee bags, for example, are designed to seal in aromas and flavors. Metallized bags, or stand up pouches offer the highest level of barrier for non-refrigerated food products such as powdered mixes and grains.

Whatever you're packaging, one thing all of our metallic foil packaging bags have in common is their appealing presentation. It's hard not to notice a shiny foil pouch! See our inventory below to select a foil bag that works for your product.

Our selection includes the following:

Find sample pack sizes for small portions to large foil bags for electronics. Our heat sealable barrier bags are smell-proof and protect against UV light, moisture and oxygen. If your product requires a tamper-proof seal, our child-resistant pouches are a quad blend of aluminum and plastic for our highest barrier of protection. These aluminum foil bags feature a unique push release locking mechanism that requires two-handed dexterity to open. The material is opaque as well so your contents are discreet, ideal for adult use items such as cannabis products and pharmaceuticals.

Other retail options include our stand up barrier pouch and hanging zipper bag with pre-cut round hang holes. Both styles are available in bold colors such as gold, red, green, blue, and bronze. Choose from solid colors, clear oval windows, or with a clear front/color backed finish for an impressive showing on store shelves or a peg display. For our highest barrier protection of food products, our metallized stand up zipper pouches are an excellent choice for non-refrigerated products and other dry goods like bath salts and pet treats. All of our zipper pouches can be closed with a heat sealer and come with tear notches for an easy opening.

Top Customer Questions

Do you need a custom foil bag to package your products in? Please contact one of our Custom Packaging Representatives at 800-233-2630.

  • Custom Bags (all shapes, sizes and materials)
  • Custom Boxes (standard folding and thermoformed)
  • Custom Stationery (to meet all your paper needs)
  • Custom Mats (proudly made in the USA)
  • Custom Backing and Foam Boards (cut to order at extremely low minimums) - Call (800) 233-2630 for Custom Backing & Foam Boards
  • Plastic Options: PET, KPET, MPET, Foil, BOPP, CPP, IPP, PP, LDPE, PVC, Nylon, Laminates
  • Bioplastic or Sustainable Options: PLA, Cellulose, Additives, Paper
  • PET, PVC, PP, Paper

Don't see the material you are looking for there? Contact us to see if we can do that at our facilities.

  • We can do most thicknesses, but the thicker the packaging the more material it uses and the higher the cost (though still very competitive in price).
  • Available from .25mm (10mil) to .45mm (18mil)
  • See answer below for more details on thicknesses of custom cut mats and backing
We can do any size up to 60" for bags and up to 34" x 44" for backing boards. Contact us with any special size requests for boxes or other types of packaging or papers (chances are we can do it).
If you can dream it up, chances are we can do it. Here is a sample of some of the styles of bags and boxes we do most often:
  • Bags: Flap tape (adhesive on flap), protective closure (adhesive on body of bag), no flap, zip top, handle Bags, hanging bags, gussets and more!
  • Boxes: Soft Fold, Crystal Clear, Anti Scratch, Food Safe, Archival, Hanging, Auto Locking Bottoms, Frosted, two-piece, shapes (squares and rectangles, circles, purses, tubes, clamshells, blister trays, sheets, pillow)

Full color and spot color rotogravure printing with the capability of holographic, gradient, metallic, matte/glossy/combo finishes, and more. If you can think it up, give us the chance to try and do it!

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