Fishing Lure and Hook Boxes

Us here at ClearBags know a thing or two about fishing, and we've been around enough fishing industry professionals to know what they need when packaging their products. That's why we've set out to offer the best wholesale packaging options for the fishing industry. Our clamshell boxes have been engineered with a strong closing hinge and easy to pull tabs for opening the box. Not only will our clear plastic clamshell boxes keep your products safe from harm with their thick design, but they will also display your products with total clarity. The display details of your product are important and we are driven to make sure our packaging options aren't only helping your products look great, but helping them sell too.

Clamshell boxes are also perfect for packaging treble hooks and lures that require space to maintain the integrity of the lure (swim tails, shovel tails, etc.). With their durable design and puncture resistant plastic, our clamshell boxes will keep your fishing supplies in perfect condition. You'll also find that our clear plastic clamshell boxes are ready to be stocked on the shelves of any retail store with their built-in hanger holes. We know that our Crystal Clear Boxes™ will keep your products clean and help them be seen.

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