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At ClearBags we believe that it is the highest compliment to be offered to participate in our customers local events. Please support these organizations if they are in your local area.

Group Event Name Details
George Lepp Seminar Explore '08 "If you wish to protect your photos ClearBags has a size for every need. The bags protecting my prints were all ClearBags including the greeting cards and the boxes. They by far have the best bags and are very reasonably priced. The matting and foam core used were also from ClearBags. The mats were precut and they once again come in a variety of sizes. Their pricing can not be beat. Their quality is equally impressive especially for competitions." Rod Martinez- Photographer

Art Works Art Works '08 "Dear Clearbags,
I am Vice-President of a new and upcoming art organization based in Bowling Green, KY., called Artworks, Our first year anniversary is in October 2008, and I am proud to say we are nearing our 100th member! After our monthly member meeting on July 7th, I gave a presentation on marketing oneself here in Bowling Green. I received wonderful comments on my presentation from all members; even some members who have not been able to attend emailed me later asking about the seminar.
There were two highlights of the presentation. The first highlight was the low amount of money my artwork photographer charged for taking digital images of artwork. The second was the Clearbag product and the low cost of these products for presenting and preserving artwork. The artists in Bowling Green are extremely talented, but many only sell originals, and are not familiar with the print market. My presentation with these highlights showed how they can spread their name and art to more clientele by having a great photographer and a professional appearance of their original and reproduced artwork, thanks to you guys!
This leads to a very special thank you. Wow! I was just amazed! The spunk and professionalism blew me away, your employee made me feel very important, her customer service is incredible. When I opened the event package, the sample packs were amazing!
During the presentation, our members were very impressed with the packets and the personalized letter as well.
Your company really outdid yourselves...I believe so much in ClearBags, because you bring so much success to my art career and I thank you. Sincerely, Misha Ambrosia
Inspiration Unlimited Inspiration Unlimited '08 "Thank you very much for your generous support of the Inspiration Unlimited event earlier this month. The event was so much fun, can’t wait to attend it next year. Again, thank you for your support. Love your products and will continue to use them. Have a good day! Karen Kush

Thank you so much for your support of the Inspiration Unlimited event earlier this month. It was a fabulous event and it was it would not be possible without you! Thanks again for your support, and I hope to see all your new products in your support of the event next year! Sincerely Susan Stone
North Central Camera Club North Central Camera Club Council Convention "The 2008 North Central Camera Club Council convention held in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota was a huge success thanks, in part, to Clearbags. Many of the photos on display for the Best of N4C photo competition were protected in high-quality ClearBags sleeves. All the attendees received a ClearBags sample pack which contained many of the wonderful products that Clearbags produces. These were very highly received and opened the eyes of the attendees to the great photo protection products that Clearbags provides. Thank you Clearbags for participating in our convention!" Jim Zurales N4C Convention Hospitality Chairman

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