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Keep Safe Food, Snacks, and Other Products with Eco-Friendly Clear Flat Bags

Compostable Eco Flat Bags from ClearBags provide an eco-friendly way to package food, snacks, and other products. These bags are made of a compostable material that breaks down in just 180 days and helps reduce waste in landfills. Plus the clear design will showcase the contents beautifully so your customers can easily identify what’s inside.

  • Made from NatureFlex™ cellulose film
  • ASTM 6400 and EN 13432 certified
  • Earth-friendly option that is compostable, sustainable, and recyclable
  • Food Safe
  • Material is made from renewable wood pulp grown in managed plantations

Not only are compostable flat bags from ClearBags eco-friendly, but they also look great. The clear design will showcase whatever is inside, allowing your customers to easily identify contents. Plus, the compostable material is attractive and stylish, so these bags can be used as a decorative packaging option for any product or gift.

Compostable flat bags are an ideal packaging solution for businesses that care about the environment and want to reduce their impact on landfills. When you choose ClearBags, you’re supporting an eco-friendly alternative that helps keep our planet clean and healthy. Choose compostable eco flat bags from ClearBags and enjoy a guilt-free packaging solution that will make the planet smile!