Biodegradable Glassine Paper Sheets

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  • 4x6 glassine sheet over photo
  • Glassine Paper Sheet 4" x 8" 25 pack GS48
  • 5x7 Glassine sheet over photo
  • 8x10 Glassine sheet over photograph
  • 81/2 x 11 Glassine sheet over photo
  • 9" x 12" glassine sheet over photo
  • 11"x14" glassine sheet over photo
  • 11x17 Glassine sheet over photo
  • 12x12 Glassine sheet over stationery
  • Glassine sheet over notebook
  • 12" x 18" glassine sheet over photograph
  • 13x19 glassine sheet over photo
  • 14" x 18" Glassine sheet over photo
  • Glassine Paper Sheet 16" x 20" 25 pack GS16
  • Glassine Paper Sheet 16" x 24" 25 pack GS1624
  • Glassine Paper Sheet 17" x 22" 25 pack GS1722
  • Glassine Paper Sheet 18" x 24" 25 pack GS18
  • Glassine Paper Sheet 20" x 24" 25 pack GS20
  • Glassine Paper Sheet 20" x 30" 25 pack GS2030
  • Glassine Paper Sheet 22" x 28" 25 pack GS2228
  • Glassine Paper Sheet 22" x 36" 25 pack GS2236

Give Extra Protection To Your Photos and Artwork Using 100% Compostable Glassine Sheets 

Glassine sheets are the perfect choice for protecting and preserving your items. Whether you’re looking for protection from dust, grease, fingerprints or water vapor, glassine sheets provide an ideal barrier. With a texture similar to wax paper but far more durable and long-lasting, glassine is often referred to as protective paper. It's perfect for a variety of uses, from documenting keepsakes to giving products an extra layer of protection. Glassine paper sheets are the preferred choice for archival quality preservation. They have a neutral pH balance so they won’t damage photographs and documents over time like other materials might. And because it is non-porous, glassine paper is resistant to oil, grease, and water. This makes glassine the ideal material for protecting items from dirt, dust, and other environmental contaminants.

  • Sheets come packaged in a set of 25.
  • Unbuffered, acid-free, translucent paper
  • Food Safe
  • Lightweight & easy to cut
  • Paper folds easily to create enclosures
  • Made from 100% compostable materials

Glassine sheets also provide superior protection against humidity, keeping moisture away from valuable documents and collections. This is perfect if you want to ensure that your artwork or photographs don’t suffer from water damage or mold. At ClearBags, we offer glassine protective sheets in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you’re looking for small sheets to cover books and photographs or larger sizes for card collections and art prints, the possibilities are endless with our selection. Our glassine sheets are made with the highest quality, so you can count on superior protection for your items.