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Grow Your Brand With
Custom Stand Up Pouches

Custom Stand Up Pouches

The Ultimate in Food Packaging - Made Exactly How You Want It

ClearBags has been in the packaging business for over 25-years. We offer nearly unlimited options for customizing a stand up zipper pouch including full-service printing, various closure options, and custom styling that is only limited by your imagination (and the laws of physicsā€¦). Not only that, when you customize your stand up pouch with us, you can be sure you are getting excellent pricing - the best in the industry. Check out some of our capabilities below or request a quote.

You Dream It. We'll Make it. Be Unique.

Custom Color Palette

With nearly unlimited color and style combinations, you can bring to life the perfect packaging to "wow" your customers.

Features & Capabilities

Barrier Bags
The Right Barrier

Need an aluminum barrier in your bag? No problem. Or maybe you want it completely clear? Sure. What you don't want is to pay for something you don't need, which can often happen if you don't know what barrier level you need. Our custom packaging experts can help you select the right material for the job. We offer everything from laminated crystal clear material (medium barrier), to metallized PET (high barrier) and more. Here are some of the different barrier options we offer, and remember, all our pouches are made in food-safe production facilities and from food-safe materials:

  • Multi-layer and Laminated barriers (PE, PET, CPP, KPET, PLA, etc.)
  • Combo barriers (e.g., clear front, solid back)
  • Metallized PET (VMPET) and Aluminum barriers
  • Metallized (VMPET) with de-metallized window
  • Heat-resistant barriers (retort barriers)
  • Nylon barriers (for freezer and vacuum bags)
  • Coating options available
Full Color Printing
Full-Color, High-Quality Printing

From simple to complex printing, we can do it. Most often we print using rotogravure printing, but we also offer other types of printing such as hot stamping and flexographic. In addition to printing your bags, we can also create outer packaging for your products. Here are some of the printing options we offer:

  • Full color printing
  • Spot color and full CMYK image printing
  • Spot varnishing (what is this?)
  • Holographic printing
  • Metallic printing (hot stamping? )
  • Matte printing
  • Faux kraft printing
Various Closure Types
Various Closure Types & Shapes

The most common closure in a stand up pouch is the zipper and the most common shape is the traditional bottom-gusset pouch, but we offer a variety of closure and shape options perfectly suited to whatever your product may be. From a gumball machine shaped bag for gumballs, to sunscreen samples with a spout. We can do what you need to get your product seen. Here are some of the options we offer:

  • Open bag (no zipper)
  • Single or double zippers
  • Pocket zippers
  • Hook and loop closure (i.e., velcro seal)
  • Tear notches
  • Laser perforation (easy tear)
  • Multi-level tabs (easy open)
  • Spouts
  • Child-resistant caps
  • Laser-cut handles
  • Shaped pouches (jars, characters, etc.)
  • Windows and custom shape windows

Our Most Popular Options - The Perfect Starting Point

Not sure where to begin? Start with some of our newest and most popular stock options and customize them from there.

Standard Stand Up Pouch


We offer a full line of standard stand up pouches that can be fully customized.

  • Clear & High Clarity
  • Clear front/colored back
  • Frosted
  • Oval window
Metallized Pouches


Metallized pouches offer the highest barrier for your product. With a solid opaque surface, you have plenty of room for branding.

  • Aluminium or metallized VMPET
  • Highest barrier
  • Moisture, oxygen, and odor barrier
Child Resistant Pouches

Child Resistant Pouches

Child-resistant bags are designed to keep harmful substances away from children. Innovative technology and a smart design make these protective pouches suitable for products such as marijuana herbs, edibles, concentrates, pharmaceuticals, and chlorine and detergent pods.

  • Available with various closures
  • High barrier vapor protection for maximum shielding and odor control
  • Certified and complies with child-resistant ASTM packaging standards
Compostable Pouches

100% Compostable Stand Up Pouches

Celebrate the environment and your product with our first ever 100% compostable stand up pouches - including a compostable zipper (that was the tricky part). Certified compostable and FDA approved, these pouches offer a sustainable alternative to traditional stand up pouches.

  • Eco-friendly and 100% compostable
  • Food safe - FDA approved
  • With or without zipper closure
Brilliant Green Zipper Pouch

Brilliant Colors

Colors add spice to life and to packaging. We carry standard and metallized stand up pouches bursting in bold colors and style.

  • Pastel, bold, bright
  • Moderate barrier
Kraft Stand Up Pouch


Kraft Stand Up Pouches are a special blend of relaxed sophistication. The earth-tone color is like a blank canvas just waiting to be filled, perfect for a customized design.

  • Earthy and natural vibe
  • Solid or colored kraft, shaped windows
  • Compostable options
Rice Paper Pouches

Rice Paper Pouches

Rice paper adds a special element to packaging. Every bag is slightly different with a unique fiber pattern.

  • Low barrier
  • Solid & window options
Quad Seal Bags

Quad Seal Bags

If a standard pouch isn't your thing, then create a custom look with a quad seal bag. This bag mimics the style of a box.

  • Metallized
  • High barrier properties
  • Solid & window options

See some examples of pouches we have produced

Request a Custom Stand Up Pouch Quote

Let a ClearBags custom packaging expert help you out! If you would like one of our representatives to contact you about a potential custom order, please fill out this brief form below or call us directly at 800-233-2630. Form submissions are for individual items.

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Top Customer Questions

Consider these options and requirements when planning your order. If you have any questions, please contact one of our Custom Packaging Representatives at 800-233-2630.

We do most of our manufacturing overseas to offer the best value possible. A typical lead time is 60-75 days from when the order is placed to when it is in your hands. Any design time should be added to that. If you are in need of a faster time, please contact us. We do have the ability to make some bag types domestically to provide a shorter lead time. We can also do express orders
Note: The quotes above are the average base prices for custom orders. Actual quantities and cost will depend on the size of the bag and the complexity of the project.

When submitting artwork for a custom product, please follow the guidelines below to ensure timeliness and accuracy.

Please submit original, layered files in one of the following formats:
  • Adobe Illustrator (*.ai)
  • Encapsulated Post Script (*.eps)
  • Adobe Photoshop (*.psd)
  • Editable PDF (*.pdf)

All images should be embedded into the design file. Please be sure to communicate any clear areas of the packaging (e.g., windows). Recommended: In addition to sending us the editable file(s), please send either a flattened jpg or pdf, of your final design, as a soft proof. With the proof of your design, our designers are better equipped to compare your approved design with the editable file(s) sent, ensuring that all elements are present.


All fonts must be converted to outlines in the document or included with design files. The benefit of outlined fonts is that design remains intact, while the drawback is text cannot be edited. Outlined fonts are preferred.


Please submit artwork in Pantone color format. We will have to separate and reformat any artwork that is not given to us, layered by specific Pantone color. When using Pantone colors, you must include color codes (i.e., Pantone Number). Providing a printed sample to match colors will help ensure proper print matching (sample is not required). Providing a printed sample to match colors will help ensure proper print matching (sample not required). Please send any printed samples to the ClearBags representative you are working with.

RGB format will NOT be accepted.

If your art is in CMYK format, we will convert the colors to Pantone and try to color match to the best of our abilities. Colors converted from CMYK may not exactly match (we can typically get a 90% color match). Please provide Pantone colors if you want to ensure 100% color match.


Use pink (or another color if you already have a pink color in your file) to represent clear, white, and special finishes such as a matte or glossy finish. The color layer can be layered on part or all of the image. Donte what this color means in the file.


Please use a 1/8ā€ bleed (i.e., extend artwork 1/8ā€ beyond dieline).


Resolution should be 300 dpi and 100% in size. Having our artists resize elements could result in image quality loss.


Please submit artwork to the representative assisting with your order via email (if less than 50MB), Google Drive, or


Please direct any questions to the customer service representative assisting you with your order or call 800-233-2630.

That depends. All of our pouch barriers are higher barriers, but which one is right depends on a few things. 1) Price - Typically the thicker the barrier or the better technology barriers will be more expensive. They are also often more than you actually need. 2) Product needs - What are you packaging? Does the product have a strong odor such as garlic or medically infused products? Is it sensitive to outside light? If so, you might consider a metallized barrier. Is displaying your product through a window or a clear front important? If so, you will need to go with a clear (medium) barrier (non-metallized). You might do a combo barrier with a metallized barrier and a de-metallized, clear window.

The possibilities are endless and should fit your budget and what your product needs. The good news is that with ClearBags, you will get the most value possible. The best barrier, outstanding printing, and an array of other options, all for an amazing price. Talk to one of our packaging experts if you need help determining what level of barrier you need.

Great question. We actually wrote a post on that. See Tip #4 and Tip #5 in our Packaging Cost Savings blog post.

You can also do a combo of printing and labeling to save on costs. Print the same design across multiple SKUs and then affix the product name, nutrition facts, and barcode using labels. There are many different labeling companies out there. We will often refer our customers to, but it is important to find a labeling company that will meet your needs.

If you can't find the right company to help with labeling, please give us a call and we will be glad to help out.

Yes. We can print your logo on the outer boxes and outer bags that your pouch packs come in to allow for maximum branding control.

Yes. We can print the labels and keep track of the sequence (control numbers) on each batch of each item.

You should immediately get an email letting you know that we got your request. Then, you should get a response from on of our custom packaging experts within one to two business days. If you have not heard back by then, please reach out to to inquire about your quote.

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