Crystal Clear Macaron Boxes Set

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Create An Impressed Presentation with Clear Macaron Boxes and Keep it Safe and Fresh

Crystal Clear Macaron Boxes from ClearBags provide a great way to showcase your delicious treats with plenty of visibility! Not only do these boxes make an impressive presentation, but they also offer protection against dust and other damage. With our crystal clear macaron boxes, you can be sure your treats will look as great on the outside as they taste on the inside.

Our crystal clear macaron boxes are made from strong PET plastic which is both food safe and archival quality. The high-clarity, crystal-clear sides allow customers to view all the beauty and detail of your handmade treats. Not only will you be sure to impress your customers but these boxes are also great for gift giving, so your friends and family can enjoy the presentation as much as they enjoy the macarons.

  • Soft folding outer box, easy to assemble
  • Set includes one outer box and one insert
  • Food Safe PET material

 With these crystal clear macaron boxes, you can be sure that your customers will be impressed by the presentation as much as they will be by the delicious macarons inside. So what are you waiting for? Get your Crystal Clear macaron boxes from ClearBags today!