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Crystal Clear Artisan Candy and Truffle Boxes

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Clear Boxes Designed to Display Handmade Chocolates, Candies, and Wax Melts

Welcome to ClearBags selection of crystal-clear artisan boxes for your chocolates, candies or other treats! Our clear boxes provide excellent presentation and protection with the added bonus of being stylishly chic. With the range of sizes we offer—you can have the perfect size box for any project. Our crystal-clear box designs provide a professional and modern look that will make your presentation stand out from the rest. Our clear boxes are made of high quality, food grade PET plastic that is durable and shatterproof, allowing for safe storage and transportation of your sweet treats. 

  • Crystal Clear optical clarity
  • Crystal Clear Inserts
  • Food safe material
  • Anti-scratch coating means they stay clear longer than the competition
  • Soft Fold Technology makes assembly a snap
  • Anti-static plastic reduces static charge build-up

Our clear boxes are perfect for displaying chocolates, candies and other treats. So, whether you’re creating boxes for a special occasion or just packaging tasty treats to share with friends and family, our crystal-clear artisan boxes provide an excellent way to make your presentation look professionally crafted while protecting your treasured sweets. With our selection of clear boxes, you can be confident that your treats will stay safe, fresh and secure during transport or gifting. Shop ClearBags artisan boxes today to find the perfect size box for your project!