Crystal Clear High Barrier Zipper Bags

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Crystal Clear High Barrier Bags from ClearBags are the perfect choice for anyone looking to protect their products from a variety of environmental conditions. Our high barrier bags feature an oxygen and moisture barrier that will keep your items fresh and safe while on display or in transit. The clear material makes it easy to identify each product, allowing you to maximize the aesthetic appeal of your products. The high barrier bags come in a variety of sizes, perfect for all types of products ranging from coffee beans and snack foods to electronics and jewelry. The structure of each bag also helps protect its contents from crushing or any other type of damage that may occur in transit. Our high barrier bags are the perfect option when needing to preserve the freshness of coffee beans, nuts and other items that require a longer shelf life.

  • Crystal Clear Clarity
  • Food Safe Material
  • 2.64 Mil thickness
  • Euro Hang Hole
  • High Barrier Construction - Contains scents
  • Heat Sealable

Not only do our high barrier bags keep your products safe, they also look great! The hanging strip includes a pre-cut, Euro hole that is ready for your retail display. Our bags can be custom printed with any design you’d like, allowing your products to stand out on the shelf and make a lasting impression. The bags are also easy to use and can be quickly opened and resealed when needed. They can even be stacked for easier storage and organization. Best of all, these bags are affordable so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to protect your products. At Clear Bags, we’re committed to providing our customers with high-quality packaging solutions that will keep their items safe and secure. Our Crystal Clear High Barrier Bags are a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and cost-effective way of protecting their products from environmental damage. Shop with us today and see why so many businesses trust our products!