Crystal Clear No Flap Bags for Retail and Food

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  • Crystal Clear Bags® with No Flap 5" x 12" 100 pack B512NF
  • Small snacks in clear packaging
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    Crystal clear packaging
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    Tissue paper inside bottom seal poly bag
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  • Food safe clear packaging with candy
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    Home Compostable Eco Clear Flat Heat Seal Crinkle Bag 5" x 13"  100 Pack BGBFCB2
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  • Polyethylene Heavy Duty Flat Bags 5" x 18" 500 pack TFB3518
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    Food safe flat bag
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  • Photograph inside clear flap bag
  • Card packaged in clear sleeve
  • Photograph inside open ended bag
  • 5 7/16" x 5 5/16" Clear no flap bag with card
  • Clear bag with card
  • crystal clear stationery sleeve
  • Premium Eco Clear Bags 5 7/16" x 7 5/16" 100 pack GC75NF
  • 5 1/2" x 7 1/4" no flap bag
  • A7 clear eco bag with card
  • 5 1/2" x 7 5/8" Greeting card packaging with open end
  • Birthday card in no flap bag
  • open ended compostable sleeve
  • 5 11/16" x 7 1/2" Invitation inside clear bag
  • 5 11/16" x 8 5/8" Clear bag with baby shoes
  • 5 13/16" x 5 3/4" Crystal clear bag with card
  • Protective sleeve with greeting card

Crystal Clear No Flap Bags FAQs

  • What are clear poly bags made of?

    Our crystal clear no flap bags are made from 1.6 mil BOPP material. BOPP material is biaxially oriented polypropylene which is known for its high clarity properties.

  • What is the biggest problem with polyethylene bags?

    Most polyethylene bags are not as clear as polypropylene. For high clarity bags, it is always recommended to use polypropylene, especially a BOPP material.

  • What is the difference between PP and PE?

    Polyethylene is the most common plastic in use and it is known for its flexibility and softness. Polypropylene (PP) is clearer by nature and also more stiff. Polypropylene has a higher temperature resistance than polyethylene (PE).

Exploring the Benefits of Crystal Clear No Flap Bags

No flap Crystal Clear bags are a great way to showcase your items in a professional and secure manner. Their durable clear construction allows for easy identification of the content inside, making them ideal for retail, trade show, or promotional use. With an open-end design, you can quickly add products without having to fumble with adhesive closures. These no flap bags work best when a closure is not needed or preferred.

Enjoy a seamless display of your products and easily insert and remove items in these open-ended styled bags. Made from crystal clear BOPP material, which is acid and lignin free to keep documents safe for archival purposes. Whether you need to show off greeting cards, postcards, photos, documents, or scrapbooking projects.

  • Ideal for greeting cards, postcards, photos, and documents
  • Archival safe
  • Made of crystal clear BOPP material
  • Acid and lignin free
  • Essential for scrapbooking and papercrafts