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Crystal Clear Canvas Gallery Wraps

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Keep Your Canvas Gallery & Art in Perfect Condition for Many Years

Crystal Clear Canvas Gallery Wraps by Clear Bags are an ideal way to showcase art and protect it from dirt and dust throughout transit or when on display in a retail space. These canvas gallery wraps are durable, while also providing a crystal-clear clarity to view the art inside. With these canvas gallery wraps, you can keep your artwork safe, secure and looking its best. For further protection, we also offer a variety of additional protective packaging solutions such as bags, boxes, and sleeves that offer reliable protection against dust and dirt to ensure your artworks remain as pristine as possible while on display or in transit. With Crystal Clear Canvas Gallery Wraps by Clear Bags, you'll be able to keep your artwork looking its best in any situation.  

  • Protective Closure
  • Heat Sealable
  • OPP/CPP Material
  • Crystal Clear Appearance

Whatever your needs for protecting and showcasing art, Crystal Clear Canvas Gallery Wraps by Clear Bags are a great solution for gallery owners, retailers and anyone who is looking to transport or display their artwork in perfect condition. With these canvas gallery wraps; you can rest assured that your artwork will be safe and secure no matter where it goes.