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Nothing showcases your products like hanging bags. From jewelry to fish tackle to beads and more, hanging bags are a great way to display the products you have in stock. Our Crystal Clear hanging bags are so clear, your items will appear bright and colorful. You’ll be able to make more sales, display your products better, and protect them using our affordable wholesale hanging bags. Check out our inventory to learn more.

The Best Clear Hanging Bags

ClearBags can be your top choice for clear hanging bag needs. Our bags are food safe and durable so whatever your needs are, whether it be food packaging, storing photos, selling card sets and more, our hanging clear bags are a great choice for you.

Types of Crystal Clear Hang Bags

Our customers have diverse needs and different reasons for buying crystal clear hanging bags and for using clear bags for business. Whether you are running a boutique or a large retail chain, crystal clear hanging bags are perfect for displaying items in a retail setting.

To cater to the widest possible audience, ClearBags sells a broad range of bags made from our signature crystal clear material. Our clear hanging bags come in two different styles to cater best to your needs:

  • Standard Crystal Clear Hanging Bags -  Crystal Clear Hanging Bags are the same style and quality as traditional Crystal Clear Bags®, except they are built with a reinforced hang strip on the top for easy retail display.
  • Protective Closure Hanging Bags -  The advantage of Protective Closure is that the adhesive is positioned on the outside of the bag, so it won't come in contact with your product.

Crystal clear hanging bags are versatile and durable packaging solutions for all your needs. You can use these bags for displaying greeting cards, postcards, photos, art, notepads, and even food items like decorative cookies.

If you need a clear bag to display your product, crystal clear hanging bags are your go to!

Buy Clear Hanging Bags at ClearBags

Whatever your reason happens to be for buying clear hanging bags, ClearBags is here to help. We offer a wide selection of top-quality hanging bags at only the best prices. Our online bags store is the perfect place for all your crystal clear bag needs, and we also provide speedy turnaround times and rapid deliveries, too. Order your crystal clear hanging bags today!

Top Selling Crystal Clear Hang Bags

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