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Cosmetics & Beauty Packaging

The cosmetics and beauty industries continue to grow and expand year over year. Each season there are whole new lines of products that get introduced to the market. Long before these products hit the market, a lot of research has been done. Not only for the products themselves, but for the perfect packaging. 

ClearBags is proud to be an industry leader in flexible packaging for almost 30 years. We offer a variety of packaging solutions for home businesses, small businesses, and growing businesses. We carry over 5000 stock products that could fit the needs of your product, or we offer custom packaging solutions. 

You want your products to be packaged in a way that attracts customers and helps get them safely to market. So whether you are packaging bath bombs, a make-up line, perfume, or a home facial kit, we have you covered.

Wholesale Cosmetics Packaging & Supplies



ClearBags is excited to sell an array of products that work well for the cosmetic industry. We offer boxes, bags, pouches, glassine envelopes, eco friendly products, and more. We carry over 5000 items in stock to fit your products, or we have full custom printing capabilities.


We carry packaging options for:


•  Brushes
•  Lip gloss
•  Eyelashes
•  Perfume





Self care is a key component to taking care of yourself. There has been a huge increase in products over the last few years for self care. Whether that means a lavender scented bath bomb, oatmeal soap, or a pineapple face scrub, more and more consumers are buying products for an at-home pampering session.

We carry a huge variety of packaging solutions that are perfect for beauty products. We have products for gift shops, ETSY shops, market stalls, boutique shops, and retail stores. 


We carry packaging options for:


•  Bath Salts
•  Bath Bombs
•  Homemade soap
•  Shower Steamers
•  Face Scrubs
•  Face Masks


Product Spotlight



Rose Gold Backed Stand Up Pouch w/Hang Hole (100 Pieces)

Showcase your product in style in our ZBGRG2 metallized rose gold stand up pouch with a clear front panel. This flexible pouch measures 4" x 2 3/8" x 6" and holds 2 oz/57 g of dry goods. Features include an airtight zipper closure, tear notches, and a round hang hole. Package small portions of coffee, nuts, sea salts, snacks, and more.


•  Pack Quantity: 100
•  Color Description: Rose Gold
•  Inner Dimensions: 3 5/8" x 2" x 4 1/2"
•  Outer Dimensions: 4" x 2 3/8" x 6"
•  Capacity: 2oz/57g
•  Recycle Code: 7 Other
•  Closure Type: Zipper
•  Food Safe: Yes
•  Heat Sealable: Yes
•  Hanging: Yes
•  Tear Notch: Yes
•  Material: Back: PET/VMPET/CPP-Front: OPP/PET/CPP
•  Thickness: 4.0 mil


Custom Printing 




ClearBags offers full service custom packaging solutions. Do you have a design in mind? We can work directly with you to provide you with a quote, lead times, and order details.


We provide custom label services with turnaround times as little as 3 days. If full service custom packaging isn’t quite right for you, the dream of a custom look isn’t out of reach. Using custom labels, you can add them to our stock packaging. 

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