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Did you know that baking and designing cookies is only half the battle? Then comes the part of finding the best packaging to showcase your product while keeping it fresh. Here are ClearBags, we are the leader in flexible packaging and we have TONS of experience helping our customers select the best packaging for their custom cookies. We carry a full line of food safe bags, boxes, pouches, cookie boards, and more. 


Cookie Bags

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Cookie Themed Bags

When it comes to packaging cookies, Stand Up Zipper Pouches have emerged as a brilliant fusion of innovation and practicality. These pouches not only stand upright, but the built-in zipper helps to keep cookies fresh and extend their shelf life. With cookies in mind, we have a complete line of pouches that feature themes like polka dots, plaid, seasonal, and shaped windows. Using themed pouches are great for parties, holidays, retail, and more.

Top Selling Cookie Packaging

Wine Bottle Boxes

Two-Piece Box Sets

Creating and displaying your cookie creations is an important part of the success of your business. We have spent the last 31 years designing and developing products to protect and display your cookies so you don't have to think about this step. 

Wine Bottle Boxes: These store favorites are great for pairing a custom cookie with a bottle of wine, beer, novelty soda, and more. They are available in 2 sizes and 3 colors, kraft, white, and black. These unique boxes are perfect for holiday cookies. 

Two Piece Box Sets: Two Piece Box Sets are designed to hold a single, double, or multiple cookies. These sets allow you to pick the bottom color that coordinates best with your set and then select either a clear box top or slip cover option. Boxes are made from food safe materials and work well with paper shred or a printable insert. 

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