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ClearBags is the leading supplier of wholesale cookie boxes. Our boxes are designed to be very high quality, reasonably priced, and perfect for customization. We offer boxes for any number of cookies, and our boxes have several advantages over our competitors including: Crystal Clear Clarity, extended shelf life, durability and easy to assemble boxes.

Top Selling Cookie Boxes by Category

Crystal Clear Boxes
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Wine Bottle Boxes
2 Piece Boxes
Cookie Tackle Boxes
Pop-Up Tubes

Best Selling Clear Boxes for Cookies

Best Selling Two Piece Boxes for Cookies

Two Piece Boxes

Two Piece Boxes are a great way to package cookies into sets. These boxes come in a variety of sizes and colors allowing you to coordinate the outer box with the cookies inside. To complete the set, choose from either a crystal clear slip cover or box top. Both options allow the contents inside the box to be seen. Great for gifts!

Wine Bottle Boxes

Excellent for hostess gifts or party favors! Wine Bottle Boxes are available in two sizes and are perfect for pairing a large cookie or mini cookies with a favorite bottle of wine, liquor, specialty soda, and more. The built-in hang tab features a 1 1/2" opening so it will hang around the neck of most bottles.

Best Selling Decorative Boxes for Cookies

Best Selling Paper Boxes for Cookies

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