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Cookie Boxes

ClearBags is the leading supplier of wholesale cookie boxes. Our boxes are designed to be very high quality, reasonably priced, and perfect for customization. We offer boxes for any number of cookies, and our boxes have several advantages over our competitors including: Crystal Clear Clarity, extended shelf life, durability and easy to assemble boxes. Among our most popular cookie boxes are the following:

  • Crystal Clear Boxes - Made of food safe PET material, these crystal clear boxes are durable and beautifully display your cookies without the need of extra decoration. 
  • Kraft Paper - Kraft paper boxes are here to give a homemade and handmade feel without the extra work. Easy to assemble, food safe and a timeless packaging option.
  • Tote Boxes - Tote boxes are a fun way to package smaller cookies and macarons. These boxes imitate a bag shape which makes them great for boutiques and bakeries.
  • Ornate Boxes - These decorative boxes come in differrent shapes and designs, making them ideal for themed parties, special events, holidays and personal gifts.

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