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Candy Packaging

Shop a variety of Clear Bags, Protective Sleeves and Clear Boxes to Protect and Preserve your Collectibles

Perfectly sized crystal clear bags and boxes to hold posters, pictures, baseball cards, trading cards, comics, coins, stamps, albums, records, memorabilia, and just about every other precious collectible that you have.
Display or safely store your collectible memorabilia in a flat hanging bag, protective clear sleeves, coin envelopes or use our variety of pop and lock boxes for figurines, action figures or larger memorabilia. Our Crystal Clear Bags and Crystal Clear Boxes are archival safe, incredibly durable, and will keep your collectibles safe and in pristine condition.

Crystal Clear Bags®

  • Crystal Clear Comic Book Bags
  • Protective Closure Bags for Collectibles
  • Flat Poly Bags for Memorabilia
  • Clear Album and Record Sleeves
  • Specialty Collectible Bags
  • Child Resistant Collectibles Bags

Crystal Clear Boxes®

  • Crystal Clear Memorabilia Boxes
  • Pop and Lock Lid Boxes for Collectible Figurines
  • Collectible Baseball Cards, Trading Card and Collectors Card Boxes
  • Tall Figuring, Action Figure or Collectible Bottle Boxes
  • Collectible Art Shipping Boxes
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