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While boxes are useful for packaging products, some boxes need extra help to be ready for retail sales. That’s why ClearBags® offers clear boxes that are already equipped with durable hanging holes connected directly to the box. These hanging holes make display a breeze for all different types of products.

Get the Best Clear Hanging Boxes for Your Business

ClearBags can be your No. 1 online shop for buying clear hanging boxes at the best prices. We offer more than 10 sizes in hanging boxes, in two different styles.

Our clear hanging boxes are exceptionally safe and durable, and it doesn't matter whether you're planning to store food items, note pads, or fishing lure, these boxes disappoint.

Types of Clear Hanging Boxes

We know that our customers have diverse needs and different reasons for buying clear hanging boxes for business and personal uses. Whether you run a boutique and are packaging accessories, selling fishing lures or offer stationery supplies these clear hanging boxes are for you.

To cater to the widest possible audience, ClearBags sells a variety of clear hanging boxes to ensure that your product is being propely displayed while still staying protected. Here are examples of the two styles we carry:

  • Classic Hanging Boxes - These boxes have the hang tab lined up with the back of the box for clean lines and easy hanging on retail displays. Perfect for card sets, craft supplies, notepads and more. 
  • Center Hang Boxes - Center hang boxes feature a hang tab directly in the center top of the box to ensure the product is balanced and centered on the display rack. 

Buy Clear Hanging Boxes with ClearBags

So why might you want to buy clear hanging boxes online for use at your business? Well, these boxes are versatile, with an endless array of potential uses. You can use hanging boxes in many industries - whether it be food, fishing, stationery, gifts and more. These clear hanging boxes are durable, acid free, food safe, and most of all, clear to let your product stand out among the competition. All items are in stock online and offer a quick turnaround for your business so shop today!

Best Selling Clear Hanging Boxes

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