Christmas Packaging

 Shop your Christmas packaging here at ClearBags. Whether you are packaging sweet holiday treats or presents for your loved ones, consider using one of our bags and boxes. 

Our bags come in a multitude of sizes, shapes and designs for every use you can think of. Pouches have a convenient zipper to contain any snack, chocolate, candy, craft supplies for the kids and more, while our gusset bags come in clear and printed options for the perfect goodie bag. ClearBags boxes have just as many size and design options as our bags and are a great alternative for jewelry packaging, cupcakes and other gift ideas. 

  • Printed Pouches - Pouches have an easy to use zipper to ensure everything is packed safely and that the bag can be resealed over and over. Fun and unique printed optins in stock!
  • Gusset Bags - Gusset bags make the perfect goodie bag for parties and events. Printed and plain options are available for all of your holiday needs.
  • Box Sets - These box sets make arranging sweet treats and crafting gifts a breeze. Use them for chocolates, truffles, beads, sequins and even fishing tackle!
  • Paper Boxes - Paper boxes are perfect for a handmade feel without the extra work. Multiple colors and designs are available.

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