Candy Packaging

High Quality Candy Packaging | Wholesale Bags, Boxes, & Pouches

Every day more and more individuals & businesses are trusting ClearBags with their candy packaging needs. ClearBags leads the industry in not only offering several different packaging options but its quality products offered at an affordable price. Let your candy Be Seen.

Candy Bags

  • Stand Up Pouches
  • Food Safe Barrier Bags
  • Food Safe Gusset Bags
  • Food Safe Clear Cone Bag
  • Food Safe Poly Bags
  • Food Safe Zip Bags
  • Food Safe Flat Crinkle Bags
  • Food Safe Narrow Bags
  • Food Safe Tin Tie Bags

Candy Boxes

  • Truffle Boxes
  • Dimensional Candy Boxes
  • Food Confection Boxes
  • Artisan Candy Boxes
  • Shallow Candy Boxes
  • Candy Pillow Boxes
  • Candy Ornate Boxes
  • Candy Tubes
  • Nested Box Sets For Candy
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