Airsafe Shipping Art Boxes

No more bent and damaged artwork! ClearBags® customers have long-praised our packaging prowess and now we are offering our proprietary Airsafe™ art box design to you.

ClearBags Airsafe™ art boxes meet UPS and Fedex insurance standards for a full 2” of free air space between your product and the outer wall. Boxes ship and store flat. Simply roll-up both ends and tape the box shut. Made from 200# test corrugated cardboard.Quick and easy to assemble.

  • Ships and store flat
  • Quick and simple assembly
  • 2" air space on each side to protect product
  • Meets UPS and Fedex insurance standards

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Airsafe Shipping Boxes are Great to Store and Ship Safely your Artwork or Photos

If you're looking for a safe and secure way to ship your artwork or photos, the ClearBags Airsafe™ art boxes are just what you need. Our design ensures that your product will stay in place during shipping and with two inches of air space protecting it against any external damage. This lightweight yet durable box meets UPS and FedEx insurance standards and offers an attractive, professional look that customers are sure to appreciate. Take advantage of our bulk discounts when ordering 10 or more boxes at a time! Get your Airsafe™ art box today from ClearBags!

  • Material: Cardboard
  • Keeps art and photos safely in place during shipping
  • Designed with 2 inches of air space cushion to prevent damage
  • Meets UPS and FedEx insurance standards
  • Provides a neat, professional appearance for product shipments
  • Quick and easy assembly

Order now and get Airsafe™ shipping boxes for the best prices on the market. We guarantee your satisfaction! ​​​​​ What are you waiting for? Get your Airsafe™ Art Boxes today from ClearBags! ​​​​