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Kraft and Clear Plastic Decorative Pillow Boxes

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ClearBags® carries a variety of wholesale pillow boxes to package your products. From chocolates to headphones to crafts and more, there are countless products that can go inside one of these fun boxes. We have a variety of styles as well, including: Crystal Clear Pillow Boxes, Frosted Pillow Boxes, Hanging Pillow Boxes, Side Hanging Pillow Boxes, Standing Pillow Boxes, Kraft Pillow Boxes and Embossed options.

Pillow boxes are a great way to package products for retail. Easy to fold and made in a variety of sizes, these boxes make an impact with consumers, and turn what is normally dull packaging into a unique, eye-catching box option.

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Decorative Pillow Boxes FAQs

  • What is a pillow box?

    Pillow boxes are a type of packaging box that pop into a shape that resembles a small cardboard pillow (hence the name) and comes with interlocking tabs on each end to close the box.

  • What are pillow boxes made of?

    ClearBags offers pillow boxes made of food safe clear, frosted, and embossed PET, kraft, and black kraft materials.

  • What can you put in a pillow box?

    You can put a variety of items inside a pillow box including candy, cosmetics, crafts, jewelry, gift cards, and more. Because of the way they close, we recommended lighter-weight items.

Crystal Clear and Kraft Pillow Boxes are a Great Way to Package Gifts, Favors, and More

ClearBags is here to help you find the perfect pillow box for your products or gifts. With decorative options, embossed designs, food safe materials, and more, our selection of decorative pillow boxes is sure to make a statement. Transform plain packaging into an eye-catching presentation with our wide variety of styles. Trust ClearBags for all your wholesale custom pillow gift box needs! Shop today to discover why so many people choose ClearBags for their product packaging solutions.

  • ClearBags Soft Fold Technology makes assembly a snap
  • High impact resistant formulation means they won’t crack or become brittle
  • Stores and ships flat to save on shipping and storage costs
  • Comes with plastic film over box to protect embossed pattern
  • Integrated hanger styles available
  • Eco-friendly and made with recycled material
  • Easily stamped and decorated

Shop now and take your packaging to the next level with ClearBags® pillow boxes! With our selection, you’re sure to find the perfect product for your needs. Discover why so many people trust ClearBags for their retail packaging solutions. Let us help elevate your product presentation today! Get started now and shop for our wholesale decorative pillow boxes now.

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