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Box Accessories, Stretch Loops, and Heat Sealers

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Every box needs the perfect accessory to give it a completed look. ClearBags carries a wide variety of accessories that can be used with our boxes. Stretch loops add a pop of color and also help to secure the box closed. Clear stickers provide a tamper resistant closure to keep the contents of the box safe. Printed Labels is an easy way to get a custom look without the custom box price. Do you need your box to hang? We have stick-on hang tabs to make any box peg board ready.

  • Stretch Loops come in a variety of colors and sizes
  • Stickers provide a tamper resistant closure
  • Labels offer a custom look without the custom price
  • Hang Tabs allow any box to be retail ready

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Box Accessories FAQs

  • What is a stretch loop?

    A stretch loop is a packaging accessory used to secure and bundle items together. It can be made from either plastic or elastic. Usually a stretch loop is added to a box to create a finished look or add a gift tag.

  • What are hanging tabs?

    Hanging tabs are clear tags that can be added to a plastic bag or box that doesn't have a hang hole so they can be used in retail settings. Hang tabs feature adhesive on them to stick to a surface (plastic or paper) and then allow the product to hang.

  • What does a heat sealer do?

    Heat sealers are designed to create a closure to a bag for a tamper resistant closure. Some bags come open ended for easy loading and then need to be heat sealed closed to keep the items inside secure and fresh.

Complete your Product Presentation using Box Accessories for Retail Environment

Add a lasting and professional touch to your product presentation with box accessories from ClearBags. Our selection of stretch loops, hang tabs, plastic hang tabs, clear stickers, printed labels and crystal-clear poly sheets are sure to add that extra sparkle you’re looking for. Whether you need something eye catching or subtle, ClearBags has the perfect accessory to give your package an unbeatable finished look. Contact us today for more information!

  • Pre-printed designs for holidays special events and parties
  • Multiple designs and sizes available as well as customization options
  • Archival quality acid free material
  • Tamper resistant closure
  • Food safe material
  • High Crystal Clarity

ClearBags offers a wide selection of box accessories to give your product presentation a complete look. Stretch loops and clear stickers provide tamper resistant closures, while printed labels offer a custom look without the custom price. Hang tabs allow any box to be retail ready and crystal-clear poly sheets can keep items organized and safe. Maintain a lasting and professional touch with box accessories from ClearBags today!

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