Wine Boxes

Wine Boxes

Wine Boxes | Wholesale Clear Boxes for Premium Wines

The best wine deserves the best packaging. That is why ClearBags® carries several styles of Crystal Clear wine boxes, each one a great choice for wine makers, gifts, and more. We carry two specific types of wine boxes, including:

  • Crystal Clear Wine Boxes — These wine boxes have such a high clarity, that your products will continue to look appealing to the consumer.
  • Frosted Wine Boxes — These wine boxes add a layer of mystery to your gifts and packaging, yet still maintain enough clarity to peak at what’s inside.
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Our wine boxes also add the appearance of value to your wines, as well as prevent the scoffs and damage that can hurt your bottle design over time. They have excellent branding potential, stand out on store shelves, are more popular to carry, and are memorable to consumers.

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