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Shipping Boxes

Wholesale Shipping Boxes | Custom Shipping Boxes for Safe Shipping

Our mission statement at ClearBags® is to Promote, Protect, and Preserve. That’s why we carry wholesale custom shipping boxes, each one designed to safely handle the shipment of different types of goods and helping them to avoid damage. We have several high quality, durable shipping options, including:

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Airsafe Art Boxes

These are art shipping boxes that carefully keep all of your art, photos, and other flat items safely in place, with a shape that ensures your art is sent safely.

Rigid Mailers

When you’re shipping photos or paperwork that may be delicate, you can also try one of our rigid mailers. These mailers are resistant to bends and come with a safe adhesive strip to seal easily.

All of our shipping boxes are available for very affordable prices, and we are one of the only providers of low quantity wholesale in the United States. Check out all of our choices below to find the shipping boxes that are right for you.

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