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Ornate Boxes

Where Decoration Meets Structure

If you want a box that stands out among the others, then you're in the right place. Our selection of ornate boxes fold into a variety of different shapes and structures to better meet their specific use. Designs include tote boxes, tubes, purses, takeout boxes and more. Most boxes are available in crystal clear plastic to allow your products to take center stage. However, we also offer frosted plastic and paper options. The paper options are only available for tote boxes, which come in either white or kraft tones and feature front facing plastic windows.

Our ornate boxes also feature auto-locking bottoms which add extra strength to the structure of the box when folded out. With our plastic boxes starting at 10 mil thickness, you won't have to worry about tears, rips, or punctures that could compromise the integrity of your product. Assembly is quick and easy with our box's sturdy fold out design and reinforcing structure. Some boxes also come with decorative tops and handles that fold out with the rest of the box. All boxes are shipped and stored flat for your convenience and are available at wholesale prices being sold in packs of 25 units per order.

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