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Clamshell Boxes

Clear Clamshell Packaging Boxes

Easy and Convenient Clamshell Boxes

Clamshell boxes are an easy and convenient option for packaging almost anything, with their strong closure and thick build, these boxes make a great option for general product packaging. Primarily designed for packaging items with sharp points or edges, clamshell boxes are tough and capable for keeping you safe from cuts or scratches. Besides sharp objects, clamshell boxes are also made with food safe materials, making them ideal for food packaging. Sporting a 12 mil thick PET material construction, these boxes are built tough to protect the handler from coming into contact with sharp or otherwise harmful products. This also protects fragile items from the harm of the outside world with a puncture resistant material. Besides their thickness, clamshells also keep your products safe with a sturdy sealing lid to contain and preserve the items inside with confidence. Perfect for packaging fishing hooks, hardware, makeup, candy, office supplies, or just about anything.

Clamshell boxes are also accommodating to retailers, coming with clear stickers and built in delta holes for easily hanging your boxes on a display shelf. Our whole inventory of clamshell boxes is available at wholesale prices and in bulk order. Each clamshell box purchase starts at 100 units per order.

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