Self Fastener Stand Up Pouches

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Self Fastener Pouches to Hold Bath Salts, Pet Food, Spices, or Grains.

If you package items that are powder based or contain many small pieces, Self-Fastener Stand Up Pouches are a great option for you.  Our stand-up pouch is food safe, heat sealable and can hold up to 18 oz of dry goods. The hook-to-hook design eliminates messes from fine powders helping you package your products quickly and efficiently. For extra strength and barrier protection, these stand-up pouch bags are made from 4.0 mil KPET/PE/Nylon materials. A plow bottom style gusset allows the product to fill out the pouch completely in a flat form. And for easy opening, tear notches are included. Self-Fastener Stand Up Pouches provide an ideal packaging solution for powder-based items like bath salts, pet food, spices, protein powders, and grains.

  • Self-Fastener Closure- Hook to Hook (two hard sides)
  • Plow Bottom Style design
  • Great for fine powders or grains
  • Made from 4.0 mil food safe materials
  • Heat Sealable
  • Tear notches for easy opening

Choose the stand-up pouch bags size that fits your product for the perfect pack out every time!Heat sealable and clear so you can show off your product from all angles. Get organized with Self Fastener Stand Up Pouches today!