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Recyclable Stand Up Pouches

Recyclable Stand Up PouchesRecyclable Stand Up Pouches

These Recyclable Stand Up Zipper Pouches are made from polyethylene material that has a high barrier ALOX coating. Recyclable stand up pouches come in both frosted and clear options to switch up your packaging. Designed to hold items like dry goods, coffee, candy, nut mixes, sprinkles, and even non food items. All bags come with a built-in zipper, heat sealable material and high barrier.

  • High barrier ALOX coating
  • Food Safe
  • Clear and Frosted options available
  • Fully Recyclable - Recycle Code 4 LDPE

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Recyclable Stand Up Pouches to Hold Snacks, Food, Coffee Beans, and More

By using ClearBag’s Recyclable Stand Up Pouches, you can rest assured knowing that your packaging is eco-friendly and meets the requirements for recyclability. Our recyclable pouches are made from polyethylene material with a high barrier ALOX or EVOH coating and feature airtight resealable zippers, tear notches, and round hang holes. Whether you want to package dry goods like candy or nuts, coffee beans, beads, samples, or more – these pouches are up for the job! Fully Recyclable - LDPE-4 and Recycle/Ready approved so they won’t pollute the recycling stream. Custom printing is also available for a unique look and brand recognition. Choose ClearBag for your stand-up pouches recyclable packaging needs!

  • Recyclable- LDPE-4
  • High barrier EVOH coating
  • Airtight, resealable zipper
  • Round Hang Hole for Retail
  • Recycle/Ready– Doesn’t pollute the recycle stream
  • Food Safe Material

It’s time to switch to ClearBag’s Recyclable Stand Up Pouches! Make the change to ClearBag today! Here's to sustainable packaging solutions.