Color Backed Stand Up Pouches

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These stand up pouches come with a colored back and clear front panel to show off your product while having fun. Features a zipper for easy resealing.

  • Tear notch for easy opening
  • 3.5 Mil thick laminated material for added strength and barrier
  • Heat sealable
  • Food Safe

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More about Color Backed Stand Up Pouches

Our line of Color Backed Stand Up Pouches come in a variety of colors and designs to make it easy to find something that will best suit your branding needs. From kraft paper bags to neon, glitter and even holographic options, this color backed series has everything you can imagine. 

All of our Color Backed Stand Up Pouches are made with food safe materials, a grip seal zipper, heat sealable materials and a clear front to display your product in the best possible way. With all of these qualities, these Stand Up Pouches make for a sturdy bag for food and non food items alike. 

Types and Uses

  • Classic - Our classic line features the first colored pouches ClearBags ever carried. Use these for your essential products, like hardware items, cookies, mixes and more.
  • Kraft - Kraft paper bags bring an artisan feel to any product. These kraft paper pouches are great for homemade sweets, trail mix and gifts.
  • Holographic - Holographic Stand Up Pouches are a great way to stand out from the crowd. Use the holographic pouches for fun candy packs, party favors and gifts.
  • Bright - The Bright line of Stand up Pouches features rich, bright colors that are perfect for parties, gifts, candies and craft supplies.
  • Brilliant - Catch these brilliantly colored Stand Up Pouches among our colored backed series. With colors that shine under the light, these bags are perfect for bridal parties, party favors, gifts, candies and so much more.
  • Printed - Our new printed Stand Up Pouch line comes in fun and classy designs, perfect for the holidays, gifts and pet treats.
  • Rice Paper - Our Rice Paper Pouches provide a unique look and feel to any product. With a fibrous material, this bag makes items seem even more luxurious. Perfect for bath salts, wax melts and self-care kits.
  • Glitter - These new glitter backed Stand Up Pouches add some glam to your packaging. These glitter pouches are great for kids birthday parties, wedding favors, holiday treats and more!
  • Neon - Neon Stand Up Pouches are now in, with this new line of colored backed pouches! Use these bold colors for themed parties, back to school kits, fun candy assortments and more. 

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