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Stand Up Pouch Bags | All Shapes and Sizes

Stand Up Pouches are one of the best display packaging options for your bulk items. These stand up pouch bags stand on their own with a durable bottom gusset, and can be sealed perfectly with a zip closure to keep all the products inside as airtight as possible.

We have several sizes and barriers available. From our high-clarity, high-barrier pouches that show each and every product, to our higher barrier metallic pouches that come in memorable colors and are ready for branding, we carry all types of zipper stand up pouches wholesale for your bulk products.

Types of Stand Up Pouches and Uses

  • Kraft - Kraft paper pouches are great for artisans and homemakers of granola, pet treats, baked goods and crafts.
  • Metallized - The ideal option to keep food items fresh and long lasting, whether it be candy, chips, or even produce.
  • Standard Clear - Use our standard clear stand up pouches for every day storage of grains, oats, cereal and snacks. These can also be used for craft supplies, retail displays and so much more.
  • High Clarity - These provide extra clarity when you want to show off your products. This can be used for custom made cookies and craft pieces.
  • Color Backed - Color backed pouches feature a clear front panel, making these a great option for party favor bags, themed parties, baby showers and gifts.
  • Window - Window pouches offer a peek at the product without exposing it to too much sunlight or compromising the barrier properties. Great for food and party favors alike.
  • Child Resistant - If you’re concerned about prying hands, keep your products in these child resistant pouches. This bag features a special zipper to prevent children from accessing medicines, herbs, vape supplies and other sensitive items.
  • Eco - Our eco pouches are made of PLA materials for an eco friendly alternative to plastic with the same durability. These are perfect for the planet conscious individual or a company looking to make an impact whether you are packaging food, crafts, hardware or more.
  • Rice Paper - Rice paper pouches are a luxurious addition to your packaging regimen. With the muted tones and fibrous material, these bags are great for custom gifts, hotel kits, and high end treats.
  • Shapes & Themes - Shaped and themed pouches come in fun and whimsical designs for the perfect birthday party favor bag, movie night treats, sleepover kits, and more.
  • Degassing Valve - Pouches featuring degassing valves give you the convenience of a zipper along with the functionality of a degassing valve. These are ideal for packaging and storing coffee beans and tea leaves, both at home and in retail settings.
  • Liquid Holding - Reinforced with nylon, these pouches are made to hold liquid items like soups, drinks and even marinated meat. Great for daily use as well as festivals and picnics.
  • Translucent - These translucent pouches come in beautiful colors and are a fun addition to any party or retail display. Great for storage, gifts, and sweet treats.
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