Stand Up Pouches with Zipper and Barriers

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Stand Up Pouches FAQs

  • What is the difference between a flat pouch and a stand up pouch?

    The main difference between them lies in their structure and design.

  • Why use stand up pouches?

    Visibility and Shelf Appeal, Space Efficiency, Versatility, Seal Integrity, and Reduced Packaging Weight.

  • How are stand up pouches sealed?

    The sealing process depends on factors such as the type of pouch material, the product being packaged, and the desired level of barrier properties.

  • Are stand up pouches sustainable?

    The sustainability of stand-up pouches depends on various factors, including the materials used in their production, the end-of-life options, and the overall environmental impact.

All Sizes and Shapes of Stand Up Pouches for Retail and Food Items

At ClearBags, we have the perfect Stand-Up Pouches to meet your needs. With a variety of options in materials, sizes, colors, and features, you’re sure to find exactly what you need. From a stand-up pouch with windows and zippers to Kraft paper stand up pouches to eco-friendly compostable pouches – you name it, we got it! Browse our selection today and get creative with your packaging solutions!  With ClearBags Stand Up Pouches, you can be sure that your product will stay fresh and protected for years to come.  Shop today!

  • Airtight zipper for holding liquids
  • Freezer friendly options
  • Easy carry bags with finger holes or use as a straw holder
  • Clear to easily see what you are drinking
  • Self-supporting pouch design enables the package to stand by itself when filled
  • FDA approved materials
  • Heat Sealable, Food Safe

Order now and see the difference ClearBags Stand Up Pouches make. With great protection, outstanding features, and unbeatable prices— what are you waiting for? Get a food safe pouch stand-up and fill easy today!