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Smell Proof Child Resistant Mylar Bags

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Find all Sizes and Styles Smell Proof Child Resistant Bags for Retail and Food Items

At ClearBags, we offer a wide variety of smell proof child resistant bags perfect for packaging dispensary products such as edibles, infused products, and pharmaceuticals. Our Matte Black Eco Compostable Child Resistant Stand-Up Pouches are home compostable and come with an ASTM certified child resistant zipper that requires two hand dexterity to open. All smell proof bags also have tear notches, a hang hole, and pre-printed instructions on the inner flap to inform consumers on how to operate the unique zipper. Similarly, our Holographic Child Resistant Pouch Bags provide extra protection with 4 mil MPET/VMPET/LLDPE materials and feature a two-handed zipper opening. For smaller items such as medications and supplements, our Kraft Child Resistant Single Use Bags provide maximum odor control, high barrier vapor protection, a tamper-resistant closure when heat sealed, and no tear notches. Shop ClearBags for the highest quality child resistant mylar bags today!

  • Certified child resistant, two-handed zipper opening
  • Pre-printed illustration on the inside flap instructs users how to open
  • Home Compostable
  • Heat Sealable; Food Safe materials
  • High Barrier Coating
  • Lab-approved ASTM/CPSC compliant
  • Food safe materials

ClearBags is your go-to resource for the best smell proof child resistant packaging! Shop with us today and find the perfect solution for all your product packaging needs. We are always here to help!

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