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Coffee Bags with Valve

Coffee Bags

ClearBags Coffee Bags with one-way degassing valves allow you to capture the bold flavors of aromas of coffee and teas right after roasting. These bags stand upright on store shelves and feature an interior foil barrier that protects against oxygen and moisture to extend product freshness. Bags can be closed with a standard heat sealer, resealable tape, or with double wire adhesive tin ties.

  • High moisture, freshness and odor barrier
  • Laminated material for added strength and barrier
  • One-way degassing valve vents CO2 to maintain freshness of coffee and tea
  • Bottom sealed for extra durability

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More About Side Gusset Coffee Bags

These 5.2 mil coffee gusset bags are made with a high barrier lining and one way degassing valve to ensure your product stays fresh and retains its original flavors. Heat sealable and food safe, use these bags for coffee beans and grounds, tea leaves, spices and other specialty items.