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Round Bottom Gusset Bags

Every product deserves to be packaged in the best way possible. Our Round Bottom Bags make the perfect packaging. The round shaped bottom provides a tailor-made fit for round objects. Package wrapped food items, holiday gifts, and auction items for your fundraisers, company events, weddings and more. This round bottom gusset bag is designed with a durable bottom seal with a glued in paper insert to prevent the bottom from breaking when filled. 

Available in a variety of colors and sizes our Round Bottom Bags make the perfect packaging for flowers, toys, candles, balls, candy and more. These food safe bags come open at the top for easy filling and can then either be tied closed with a ribbon or heat sealed closed using a standard hand sealer. Come browse our growing collection of gusset bags and see what is right for you! Samples are available here. Or, if you are looking for something more personal, customization is available. Inquire today for a quote.

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Types and Uses for Round Bottom Gusset Bags

  • Clear - Clear round bottom gusset bags are perfect for putting your product on display. These bags are great for mini donuts, cookies, candy and gift sets.
  • Iridescent - Iridescent round bottom bags are a fun new addition to your packaging options. Use these bags for party favors, gifts, bath bombs and more!
  • Frosted - Frosted round bottom bags come with a chic frosted exterior! These bags are perfect for packaging items like candles, spa kits, cocoa bombs and more.