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Flat Bottom Gusset Bags

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With three different styles and numerous sizes, flat bottom gusset bags are made to sit upright on their own when filled with treats. These bags are perfect for food items, party favors, crafts, gifts and more. ClearBags carry a variety of clear, durable flat bottom gusset bags that expand for bulky items. Our high-clarity flat bottom bags can be closed with stickers, twist ties, pre-tied bows or ribbon while our standard and eco bags can be closed with a heat sealer as well as the previously mentioned options.

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Flat Bottom Gusset Bags Great for Retail, Gumballs, Treats, and More

Introducing Clear Flat Bottom Gusset Bags – The Perfect Packaging Solution! At ClearBags, we are thrilled to present the Clear Flat Bottom Gusset Bags. These remarkable bags are designed to elevate your product presentation while providing optimal functionality and convenience. With their unique features and stunning clarity, our clear flat bottom gusset bags are the ideal choice for all your packaging needs. Our flat bottom gusset bags offer a spacious and stable base that stands upright, ensuring your products remain secure and well-presented. The clear material allows your customers to catch a captivating glimpse of your merchandise, enticing them to take a closer look. Whether you're packaging cookies, candies, or any other delectable treats, our bags will make them look irresistible.

  • Clear material
  • Direct Food Safe
  • Expanding gussets for bulky items
  • Flat bottom allows bag to stand upright

Crafted from high-quality cellophane, our clear flat bottom gusset bags are durable, ensuring that your products are protected while also enhancing their visual appeal. The bags are designed with precision to maintain their shape and stability, even when filled to the brim. Your customers will appreciate the professional and polished look these bags bring to your products. Not only are these bags practical and visually appealing, but they are also incredibly versatile. They are available in various sizes to accommodate products of different dimensions. From small trinkets to bulkier items, our flat bottom gusset bags are perfect for any product, making them suitable for a wide range of industries. With ClearBags, you can trust that you are receiving the highest quality packaging solutions. 

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