Gusset Bags for Food Storage & Retail

Wholesale Gusset Poly Bags

Gusset bags are often used in food packaging as well as hardware items, crafts, gardening, and much more. We carry gusset bags that stand up with or without a paper insert, have side gussets, are heavy duty for your bulky projects and more. There are hundreds of different gusset bags available and each one has the potential to provide you with affordable, wholesale packaging for your business.

We have a variety of choices so that your business is able to find the bags that it needs for your products. Check out our inventory, call us if you need any help with sizing or inquire about customization options!

  • Side Gusset Bags - Side gusset bags are made to have expandable sides to allow room for bulky items. These bags are great for popcorn, bread, party favors and more.
  • Bottom Gusset Bags - Our bottom gusset bags have sturdy bottoms that expand and allow the bag to stand upright. With options with and without paper inserts, these bags are perfect for cookie sets, candy, candles, mini donuts and more.
  • Basket Bags - Use our basket bags to wrap personalized gift baskets, spa packages, fruit baskets and more. 

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Gusset Bags Perfect to Store Clothing, Retail, Snacks, and More

Gusset bags are an essential packaging material that every business needs. ClearBags offers a wide selection of high-quality gusset bags for any occasion and budget. Our range of gusseted bags is perfect for presenting, storing, and protecting your products from dust, moisture, and dirt. Our gusset bags are available in a variety of sizes, materials and thicknesses. You can choose from clear polypropylene (PP), high density polyethylene (HDPE) or biodegradable options. All our gusset bags feature strong side and bottom seals that won't tear under pressure, ensuring your products stay safe and secure.

  • Expandable sides
  • FDA Approved
  • Bottom sealed for extra strength
  • Heat sealable
  • Open ended, easy to fill

Thanks to their gusseted design, our bags are also extremely durable and resistant to punctures or tears. They are perfect for any product that requires extra space and protection including clothing, electronics, toys, books, food items and more. Our gusset bags come in a range of designs and can be customized with your own logo or design.

At ClearBags, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality gusset bags that will outlast any other packaging solution. Our team of experts is available to help you find the perfect gusset bag for your needs, no matter what industry you work in. Don’t hesitate to get the best gusset bags on the market and purchase from ClearBags today! With our comprehensive selection of gusseted bags, you can be sure that your products will stay safe and secure while looking great too.