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Smell-Proof Oven Bags

Smell-Proof Oven Bags

Clear Oven Bags | Oven and Microwave Safe Bags up to 220° C

Oven Bags are heat-resistant and perfect for baking a turkey, chicken and other food items. These roasting bags are made for conventional oven baking temperatures up to 220° C. They work from freezer to oven and are ideal for roasting meats and other foods in the oven. Great for rice cookers, dutch ovens and crock pots.

Oven Bags are ideal for preserving moisture and flavor while cooking meats. They also assist in clean-up, by keeping all of the juices contained inside the bag.

  • Suitable for Microwaves
  • Can be used as crock pot liners
  • Safe for multiple day storage
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